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What is index spread?

Contract for difference index is a kind of financial derivative instrument, which allows traders to enter a wide range of global markets and trade according to their investment economic views, without having to buy individual stocks. In recent years, CFD has become one of the most popular financial trading instruments.


Market index - a collection of stocks

When the general investors enter the financial market, they need a set of analysis methods of the overall performance of the financial market, so they derive index instruments. The index is a set of stock price averages, representing the total average market value of several best performing stocks on the market.

The stock index is designed to allow investors to quickly see the latest developments in the market, while providing them with a set of ways to evaluate the performance of each portfolio. Through this method, investors can adjust their investment strategy more accurately and make their portfolio more suitable for the overall market environment and trend.

Today, there are hundreds of stock indexes reflecting the performance of the stock market in the world, including those representing regional, national, global, or a specific field or industry.

Symbol index face value Average point difference
AUS200 ASX SPI 200 Future AU$ 2.02
CHN50 SGX FTSE China A50 Future US$ 10.9
ESP35 IBEX35 Index Future 7.66
EUSTX50 Euro Stoxx 50 Future 1.14
FRA40 CAC40 Index Future 1.31
GER301 DAX Index Future 2.68
HKG33 Hang Seng Future HK$ HK$
JPN225 Nikkei 225 Dollar Future ¥ 9.32
NAS100 E-Mini Nasdaq 100 Future US$ 1.38
SPX500 E-Mini S&P 500 Future US$ 0.6
UK100 FTSE 100 Index Future £ 1.05
US2000 E-Mini Russell 2000 Future US$ 0.38
US30 E-Mini Dow Future US$ US$