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  3. Digital asset management
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Digital asset management

Encrypted debit card

  • The service realizes the seamless connection between cryptocurrency and fiat money, which makes it easier for anyone to live on cryptocurrency. Cardholders can transfer encrypted or legal assets to their cards, which can be easily converted into an alternative way of payment.
  • Users can spend at any place where they accept contactless or pin payment at any time, enjoying more secure and effective payment convenience.
  • The debit card has 3D security function, that is, the cardholder will get an authentication password for online transactions, which is specially used for identity authentication of online shopping, providing additional security protection for online payment.
  • The process of consumption, deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrency becomes extremely simple without professional knowledge or technology. At the same time, the anonymity of the transaction can avoid the third party intervention and enjoy lower transaction costs.

Cryptocurrency lending

  • Cryptocurrency lending refers to the transaction mode of lending cryptocurrency held in hand and earning interest from it.
  • Our platform provides various types of cryptocurrency lending services, so that holders of cryptocurrency assets can lend assets, including bitcoin, Ethernet currency and other alternative currencies.
  • The main benefit of this lending service is that our customers can get a stable interest return without selling their encrypted assets.
  • Through our platform, customers can set transaction terms according to their own needs, including interest, loan term and loan amount, which makes the transaction more flexible.
  • The borrower will return the money in the same cryptocurrency type with additional interest, and our cryptocurrency lending platform will also ensure the capital and transaction security of both sides.

Digital asset custody solutions

  • We provide users with high-quality digital asset storage solutions in accordance with the highest level security standards, security strategies and regulatory models.
  • Compared with the traditional cold and hot wallet, it has the security function of multi signature, so it is considered as a storage solution with higher security level.
  • The system will provide each user with a unique key as an identification procedure for withdrawal, thus reducing the possibility of asset theft.
  • At the same time, users can connect the stored digital assets with their cryptocurrency accounts, which makes the cryptocurrency transaction easier and more convenient.
  • The main advantage of our storage solution is that users can safely store their digital assets while enjoying convenience, and gain benefits from market transactions anytime and anywhere.

Token system

  • We launch and run a token reward ecosystem to bring more services and value to users.
  • This exclusive token can be used in our internal ecosystem to achieve seamless value exchange between all parties in the ecosystem.
  • In the future, we will continue to introduce a series of innovation plans into our internal ecosystem, including 5g and Internet of things (IOT) technology, e-life hall, artificial intelligence and entertainment related businesses, with unlimited growth potential in the future.
  • Our tokens anchor well-known legal tender, greatly reduce the risk of cryptocurrency volatility, and the token price remains relatively stable.