1. Personal Banking Service
  2. Commercial Banking Services
  3. Digital asset management
  4. Investment and financial management

Commercial banking services

We design a series of commercial products and solutions through strategic strategy to help enterprises manage daily operating budget more effectively and maximize cash flow.

The design of these commercial products and services is dominated by the needs of customers, and they strive to bring convenient use experience for customers. Whether it is a new enterprise or an existing enterprise, customers can expand their business through remote control, and further push the business to the global market.

Services in more than 100 countries / regions

Support multiple mainstream currencies

24-hour uninterrupted online service

Customized commercial loan service

Enterprise financing service

Commercial loan services

  • In addition to providing personal loans, we also provide different types of commercial loan services to tailor the best financial solutions and financial planning for entrepreneurs and enterprises.
  • Whether it is to start new business or expand existing business, we provide enterprises with flexible financing and loan schemes to help them improve cash flow, easily cope with various expenses and achieve business development. Our loan officers will provide appropriate solutions to customers according to their business challenges and financial needs.
  • Our loan service includes a variety of digital assets and adopts programmed loan contract management agreement. The agreement writes the loan agreement of the lender and the investor into the smart contract, and automatically tracks and executes the terms of the agreement. Its transparent and tamper proof features avoid the risk of fraud in the process of lending and protect the interests of both parties to a large extent.

Business account

  • In the process of enterprise development, daily affairs are complicated. We hope to provide more convenient and efficient services to help simplify the business process.
  • Through our business account, customers can get great convenience. Our commercial account managers provide all-weather commercial banking services to meet the personalized needs of customers from different aspects.
  • Our services cover more than 100 countries around the world. No matter where you are, you can enjoy high-quality commercial banking services.
  • We attach great importance to the enterprise financial management of our customers, and focus on improving their working capital management performance, so as to ensure the continuous optimization and growth of their business.

Commercial savings account

  • Our commercial savings account provides safe, immediate and easy-to-use savings services for various industries and enterprises of different sizes, so that customers can handle daily accounts and business operations at any time.
  • With the continuous expansion of enterprises, we understand that customers need more convenient and faster ways of capital flow. Our commercial savings account has overdraft function, which can help customers meet the cash flow needs of daily operation and further promote the steady development of business.
  • Through the intelligent and automatic cash flow control function, we will help customers improve the company's operational efficiency and achieve more efficient payment process on the premise of maintaining the data security and privacy of customers.