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Personal banking services

As an international online bank, our goal is to be your reliable partner. We are committed to providing you with personalized, safe and reliable banking services, and follow the principle of privacy protection to build an ideal financial environment for you.

Through our experienced financial experts, you can get customized wealth management solutions. Whenever and wherever you need it, we can always meet your needs.

Current account and savings account

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Support more than 80 mainstream currencies

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Personal account management services

Fixed deposit (FD)

  • Fixed deposit (usually called FD) is one of the common financial instruments. Customers only need to deposit a specific amount of deposit into the fixed deposit account, and they will get a specific amount of interest after a specific period of time.
  • Customers can set different storage periods and access strategies according to their own needs. The platform will distribute interest at the end of the deposit period. The longer the deposit period is, the higher the interest will be.

  • Our time deposit scheme is guaranteed by the insurance system, providing customers with a safer and risk-free investment mode. At the same time, time deposit is restricted by deposit term and regulations, so it has higher stability.
  • The purpose of time deposit is to accumulate wealth for long-term consumption. If you have a sum of spare money that will not be used in the short term, then time deposit is the best way to increase your capital value.

personal savings account

  • A savings account is the basic account of UIFIC bank. Customers deposit money into an account and earn interest without setting a deadline.
  • The savings account has high convenience and security, which can meet different financial needs. It can be used for many basic purposes, such as salary deposit, online shopping payment, bill payment, etc.
  • By setting the automatic payment function, customers can easily pay all kinds of complicated bills, simplify their banking operations to the greatest extent, and enable them to flexibly handle their daily banking business anytime and anywhere.

Personal current account

  • The current account can be used for personal or commercial purposes, especially for customers with large monthly transaction volume, including frequent or large amount of remittance and payment.
  • The biggest difference between a savings account and a current account is that the current account holder can enjoy the service of check payment and use the check as one of the payment methods. Compared with cash, cheques are easy to carry and safe, more convenient for revenue and expenditure accounting and financial audit of tax department.
  • Both individuals or business institutions can apply for the current account, and the procedures and conditions of application are different. Customers can earn interest through the account deposit, thus saving more daily expenses.

Encrypted savings account

  • Encrypted savings accounts are very similar to traditional savings accounts. The difference between the two is that the customer will deposit in cryptocurrency and earn interest from it, which will be paid in the same currency.
  • Most of these assets are encrypted in their wallets, which cannot bring interest. We provide a platform for customers to earn interest income by storing encrypted assets, so that they can get more opportunities to earn passive income.
  • Through our cryptocurrency lending service, we can loan its cryptocurrency assets to others at an agreed interest rate, so that the cryptocurrency assets can get a better interest rate.
  • This is better than the passive investment strategy of buying and holding assets. It is not only very simple to operate, but also provides customers with an interest rate higher than that provided by traditional banking institutions by lending and storing encrypted assets, and provides them with another way to make profits.