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Why trade cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a kind of exchange media based on the Internet, which enables traders to conduct secure financial transactions through its encryption technology. On the basis of blockchain technology, every cryptocurrency transaction must be verified through the blockchain network, and the decentralized feature of blockchain further ensures the transparency and non tamperability of cryptocurrency transactions. The following are some mainstream cryptocurrencies in the current market:

Bitcoin(BTC / USD)

Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency in the world. Most currencies are backed by commodities, usually gold or silver. Unlike traditional currencies, bitcoin is a virtual currency based on distributed algorithm. In addition, traditional money is printed and issued by the central bank, while bitcoin is created or "mined" by distributed computer networks.

Ethereum(ETH / USD)

Etheric coin is the basic token supporting Ethereum blockchain, and it is used as "fuel" or "gas" for Ethereum network payment system. This provides absolute attraction for all participants, and promotes them to make contributions to Ethereum community in exchange for rewards, thus ensuring the healthy development of the network. In addition, Ethereum platform encourages developers to write high-quality applications and provide incentives as a motivation to avoid resource waste.

Lettercoin(LTC / USD)

The improved version of bitcoin, which was designed and implemented by a Google programmer in 2011, is inspired by its implementation. Lightcoin and bitcoin share the same technical principles in technology, with the characteristics of open source and decentralization. The most famous saying is "bitcoin gold, lettercoin silver".

Bitcoin cash(BCH / USD)

Bitcoin cash appeared in 2017 as a result of hard bifurcations of bitcoin to increase the number of transactions that can be processed. The biggest difference between the two is that bitcoin cash provides more block space on the blockchain, and the more transactions a single block can hold, it means that it can handle more transactions.

xrp(XRP / USD)

Ripo currency is the basic currency of ripple network, which can be circulated throughout the ripple network. Ripple is an online trading platform for cryptocurrency, through which traders can realize value transfer. The biggest difference between ripple network and other mainstream currencies is that ripple network is not based on the point-to-point anonymous trading mode, and its main target audience group is traditional banks and financial institutions, aiming to provide them with safe and transparent cross-border and cross-border transaction services.

Grapefruit coin(EOS / USD)

Grapefruit is the basic cryptocurrency on EOS public chain. EOS public chain is a decentralized system based on blockchain technology, which supports the development, management and implementation of commercial class decentralized applications (dapps). The goal of grapefruit is to create a more scalable, flexible and effective platform.