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What is commodity trading?

In the financial investment market, bulk commodities refer to natural resources which are homogeneous, tradable and widely used as basic raw materials for industry. We provide customers with a wide range of commodity trading options, including copper, silver, metals, crude oil and other investment commodities. Through our platform, customers can trade commodities in the form of contract for difference, check the market trend of main commodities in the market more quickly and effectively, and earn profit for difference by buying low and selling high.

Why is UIFIC the first choice for trading commodities?

Efficient transaction execution

With the assistance of the enhanced transaction execution service, all bulk transactions such as gold, silver and crude oil do not involve re quotation and minimum trading volume.

Trading commodities with margin

If you trade with a contract for difference, you only need to pay the initial margin to get the qualification to enter the market.

Lower transaction costs

No need to pay any commission, transaction fee and clearing fee, that is, the most competitive spread can be traded.

Advanced mapping system

Provide visual icon, customers can browse the past market trend, through deep insight analysis to improve their trading level.

Commodity market guide

Symbol Trade name Average point difference
NGAS Natural Gas Future 0.01
UKOil Brent Crude Future 0.03
USOil WTI Light Sweet Crude Oil Future 0.04
Copper Copper Future 0
XAG/USD Spot Silver 0.04
XAU/USD Spot Gold 0.76
CORNF Corn Future 0.64
SOYF Soy Future 0.79
WHEATF Wheat Future 0.64