Leading global digital banking services

UIFIC is jointly created by professionals in the financial sector and experts in the field of foreign exchange and cryptocurrency investment, providing the world's leading fund management services.

As early as 2018, a group of financial elites with keen investment vision began to build UIFIC. In 2019, the bank was officially established in Washington. In the same year, UIFIC developed version 4.0 of Digital Banking, taking blockchain technology as its underlying technical architecture to make capital storage more secure.

The service core of UIFIC is modern banking, customized banking services and professional commercial credit services. Its main business scope includes personal banking services, commercial banking services, digital asset management and investment, financial management. Through blockchain and other advanced technology architecture, UIFIC will realize real-time intelligent, embedded and ubiquitous open financial services Intelligent bank. On the basis of intelligent investment advisory and scene intervention technology, UIFIC provides users with better financial solutions, so that users can enjoy faster and smoother financial service experience. Safety.

Since its establishment, UIFIC has rapidly grown into a well-known trading platform for foreign exchange and cryptocurrency by providing foreign exchange and investment services. At present, UIFIC has applied for relevant compliance licenses and permits from many countries, including the United States, Canada, Laos, Australia, etc., to provide users with a legal, compliant, safe and reliable investment environment.

In the process of UIFIC's development, UIFIC firmly believes in the importance of continuous innovation, and focuses on the combination of advanced technology and innovation concept

To meet the "one-stop" financial needs, financial services such as financing, fund and insurance are integrated into business, life and social scenes, which greatly improves the interconnection, autonomy, feedback and interaction.

Build a digital bank with blockchain as the underlying technology, and combine the application of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and Internet of things to effectively reduce the impact of market inflation on users and protect the value of users' assets.

Build a global leading multi-functional intelligent payment application, and lead the business ecology of blockchain payment by creating innovative technologies and ecosystems such as "public chain", "global payment" and "Jieyuan mining machinery", so as to build a high-value consensus and a new future.

As a leading international certified offshore bank, UIFIC is committed to creating a stable and safe trading platform for users, providing the most competitive trading environment in the market, and providing users with more simple and convenient recharge and withdrawal services. UIFIC's professional team always takes users as the center, and assists them to achieve financial goals through accurate analysis of users' financial needs.

Our mission

Create a set of foreign exchange and cryptocurrency ecosystem with revolutionary and innovative advantages to create value for customers and promote economic and social prosperity.

Our vision

Through the accurate analysis of customers' financial needs, we help customers achieve financial goals and become their reliable financial partners.

Our core values

Modern banking

Through the combination of machine learning and distributed ledger and other cutting-edge innovative technology, we can quickly and effectively provide customers with high-quality financial solutions.

Multiple regulatory mechanisms

UIFIC is authorized by and registered with the Global Futures Association (NFA) of the United States, NFA regulatory number: 0538418
UIFIC is authorized by the United States MSB regulatory authority, MSB registration number: 31000187747659
UIFIC is authorized by and registered with the Canadian monetary services industry Monetary Authority (MSB) under the supervision number M21069777

Professional business credit service

Commercial credit is very important to us, so we are committed to establishing an open, transparent and reliable service platform to gain the recognition and appreciation of customers and professionals in the industry.